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Pineville Police Department is part of a Regional SWAT team. Our teamís jurisdiction encompasses over 40 square miles in Mecklenburg County and covers the three towns of Pineville, Matthews and Mint Hill. Our team serves a residential population of over 125,000 and a business population of over half a million. This is one of North Carolinaís most populated areas and covers the South Charlotte suburban region.

Deployments: All callouts are conducted in a manner to ensure the safety of the victim, suspect and officers involved. The SWAT team uses specialized training, equipment and tactics in its role as a lifesaving tool.

SWAT missions include, but are not limited to:

Training and Requirements: All operators must pass rigorous physical fitness standards and score a 90% or better in their primary and secondary weapon systems. Operators are chosen based on their work ethic, decision-making, maturity, motivation and success as a patrol officer. All operators take part in monthly team training as well as additional, specialized training in fields such as: sniper, tactical medicine, breaching, surveillance, and chemical munitions. All operators must attend at least one basic SWAT school and attend an annual, weeklong team SWAT school session.