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Chief Rob Merchant

Capt. Bill ConnellLt. Richard MillerLt. Corey Copley

Police administration focuses on the performance of management duties and practices within the police department and the implementation of policies and programs related to crime, disorder and public safety. Because we police in a free society, it is important that we remain aware of the social, legal and political frameworks in which we operate. In the pursuit of efficiency and effectiveness, we must abide by a variety of legal and ethical constraints and remain accountable for our actions and decisions.

The purpose of police administration is to guide and support all police personnel in the performance of their operational duties. The Command Staff of the police department is comprised of a chief of police, a captain and two lieutenants. The Chief of Police is the executive officer for the agency. The Captain answers directly to the Chief and is responsible for all support, field and administrative operations. The Lieutenants are responsible for all field operations related to the criminal investigation and patrol divisions.

Other members of the administrative section include an administrative sergeant and a records clerk. These members are instrumental in providing vital support and logistical functions to the police department.